I’m quite the healthy eater but am SUCH a snacker!! Within my #food posts, I hope to help you see that you can eat a variety of ‘good for you’ foods but still ‘enjoy’ food!! Too often people start diets and restrict themselves so much that they end up cheating and failing on the eating piece. I have learned that it’s an 80/20 ratio of eating healthy and allowing some indulgences– but not such indulgences that you completely fall off the wagon.

During the week I eat pretty good– about 6 small meals/snacks a day.  8am, 10am, noon, 3pm, 6pm and a little dessert/snack around 7pm.  By having this plan, I never feel hungry and keep my metabolism going by not depriving myself.   The plan may sound boring, but I still allow myself to drink on the weekends– my go-to drink right now is vodka/water with a lime.  So refreshing AND keeps ya hydrated! 😉

As of May 1, when I started my first round of 21 Day Fix, I have been back to writing down everything I eat in a day and am pretty strict– other than weekends where I miss a bit. Again, with this plan– if you don’t allow  yourself some additions, you will almost always fail! Example– I allow myself a little sugar-free/fat-free creamer in my coffee in the morning and I have a couple vodka/water drinks throughout the week– remember, I am home all day in the summers with a 2 and 4 year old and NEED VODKA!! 🙂 JK!

I hope you enjoy my food posts– many will have to do with my 21 Day Fix meals for awhile– but hope you enjoy them and add to them with any of your ideas!!



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